Are you a bad witch, or a good witch?

In all seriousness, these sessions are a favorite of mine! These witch sessions started last year when a friend of mine thought of the idea, and ran it by my photographer friend and of course we both said yes! Last year the sessions were just sort of thrown together, last minute.. and still turned out amazing!

This year we knew we wanted it to be different. We started the planning process earlier, thought of an epic location, posted about it and the slots filled up in less than six hours! Insanity! From there, the epic planning process began..

We created a Facebook chat where everyone shared ideas, outfits, make up, and props. Although sometimes group messaging can be overwhelming, reading and watching other women cheer each other on is so different!

Women empowerment is huge for me. It's something I don't take lightly. Having a large group of women together cheering each other on, literally fixing each others crowns, hyping each other up is something that I've dreamt about.

Watching women transform not only in front of the camera, but in real time.. is unexplainable. Sometimes it can be nerve racking putting such a big group together, wondering if they'll vibe.. but these past two years it's been without question that the groups are meant to be.

Each and everyone of these women showed up and KILLED IT. Everyone had something different. So unique in their own way. Although everyone was so different, it all tied together perfectly. It was meant to be!

Even if we used real snakes for props. {insert anxiety here} literally my biggest fear.

I seriously can't wait until next year. It just keeps getting better and better!!!