We are about to dive deep into family and holiday photoshoots! As both a mother, and a photographer I know the stress that comes with scheduling, and actually taking all the family photos!

Don't worry mama, I got you!

Tip #1

My most tried and true, something that I will say over, and over again. MOMS- PICK YOUR OUTFIT FIRST. Always. If not, pick whoever you feel is the most challenging to dress. Typically, it's moms. Kiddos and spouses are usually pretty simple!

Tip #2


Do not wait to pick your outfits. Waiting till the last minute, as you know. causes so much stress. I am a professional procrastinator, and I hate myself for every time. Somehow, just somehow it works out every time. Talk to your photographer, ask opinion's! Often times photographers will help you put outfits together. Either from your closet or they will create a cart for you! ASK FOR HELP IF YOU NEED!


Boys- especially coming out of summer.. you may have some tan lines. Get your hair cut a few days before the session. That way your hair has some time to settle, and those harsh tan lines won't be as bad!


Again, another great thing to ask your photographer about. You won't want to show up to a tree farm session wearing all the green.. again.. we are here to help!

TIP # 3


Usually, the day of pictures is already hectic. Try to plan on a day when you don't have any other obligations. Make sure the kids get good sleep the night before and get naps the day of. Tired kids = a stressful session. 


Getting ready I know takes a lot of time- layout & hung up your outfits the day before. Steam / iron them and let them rest. Pack the car the night before as well. If your session is in the evening- pack jammies for the car ride home. Maybe a picnic dinner for after your session.


If you have young kids- we all know the things that can happen in the car seat. Drool, wetting through a diaper. the list is infinite!

Once you arrive to your session, pop that trunk, and dress them kids!

AVOID POUCHES OR ANY COLORFUL FOODS for the car ride to the session.

Tip # 4

Have Fun!

Remember a few things, kids feed off your energy! If you’re stressed out, annoyed, or flustered, they read into that. Have fun during the photoshoot. Don’t worry about having staged photos where everyone is smiling and looks perfect. THE BEST pictures are the ones where you can see the love and affection you have for each other. This leads me to my next and final tip…


Tip # 5

Hire a photographer who you can trust!

When you’re confident in your photographer, you’ll be able to rest at ease and know that they are capturing the right pictures at the correct times. Also, let them do their jobs- you hired them for a reason! Lower your expectations of your kiddos, hype them up on the way.. we will do the rest!


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