I’m Danyele. A Lifestyle Photographer located near Seattle, Washington! When I’m not out photographing, I’m doing all the momma things with my sweet little family. A wife to my best friend Ryan (we aren’t really married but have been together forever so that counts, right?) I’m also a twin mom, to two girls named Allie & Mason! They are the light of our lives and one of the many reason’s I started this business. We love to go camping, and spend most of our time outdoors. When we aren’t hanging out at our local river spot, you can find us having epic movie nights, or giant cuddle sessions. We live for adventure, discovering new places, and meeting new friends. I’m a football girl, and will always cheer on my Seahawks. I’m a Seattle native so I obviously enjoy a good cup’a coffee (I mean I’ve been drinking it since practically birth- haha!) cold hazy IPA's and of course the infamous white claw! You will most likely find me on my off days rockin’ yoga pants, a zip up, and either a hat or a giant messy mom bun. That’s me, I keep it real 100% of the time!