My promise to you.

You aren't just another paying customer. Once you become a client of mine. We're locked in. We tight. For life. Even if it's one sided over here.

Lifestyle Family Session

Starting at $425

From mountain tops, to the ocean. the comfort of your home, or in my studio, I'm here to capture you, and your beautiful family.

Each session includes a planning session that is for all of the planning! Styling assistance, location guidance.

Weddings and Elopements

Starting at $1800

I offer custom wedding and elopement packages. Please inquire!

Lifestyle Maternity & Newborn

Starting at $375

Lifestyle maternity sessions can take place on location, or wherever you desire!

Maternity and newborn sessions can be packaged together!

Curious about what is included?

Once booked, we will instantly start planning! A few emails for logistics, and then the fun part begins!

Session Information!

Do you edit? Yes, I edit all of the ones that I feel are “worthy” for (the lack of a better term).. so out of an hour session I usually produce around 75-125 images. 

I don’t ever promise a certain amount of images, because every session is different. That’s why I just charge a flat fee, and not per image.

Do you pose us? I do offer light posing, but ultimately what I do is offer the pose, but then let things naturally unfold- such as; 

"Can you hold mamas hand, and look at her.."

"Whisper something funny in her ear.."

"Can you tell your dad your favorite thing about him.."

I capture the pose, and then all the little moments that happen after, and then in between the pose. That way you get both. A posed still image, and a candid! 

Hidden or Print Fees? NOPE! I don't believe in that. Everything is upfront, and laid out for you to read and choose. I do offer printing, but it is not required. Infact, I can give you printing recommendations. There are no hidden fees or requirements.