The Fourth Of July Is So Special To Our Family..

Not only is it a national holiday, but it's also my mama's birthday. If you have been around here long enough, you know that my mama is in heaven, and she is a huge reason for my business! I have been wanting to do a shoot like this forever, and my girls are finally at the age where they can listen fully. and they actually enjoy "modeling" for me! Well, sometimes (;

Tip Number One-

Find a fun location, it could be your front yard. You don't need anything fancy! I chose this wall, simply because I love it, and it gave these images such a great contrast!

Tip Number Two-

Pick according outfits! I snagged these from Fred Meyer on super sale. Nothing crazy! As a twim mama I'm always lookin' for deals! The USA sweatshirts were also made from a local mama ( you can click the picture and it will send you to her instagram!)

Tip Number Three-

Let go of expectations (; Haha, in all seriousness. I think it's so easy to expect kids to do x,y,z but they have a mind of there own. Once you get on their level, things become way easier.


Again, nothing wild. I went to my local dollar store, and got some windmills. Stopped at the grocery store and got some Rocket Pops, and lastly picked up some sparklers. Simple is key. Less stress, and I personally think simplicity is best for images anyway!