So You're Wanting To Hire A Photographer For When You Pop The Question..

First thing is first! PICK A DATE! As soon as you pick a date, find a photographer! I suggest doing this ASAP. Once you find a photographer. Type up a plan of action. After that PICK A FRIEND WHO CAN COMMUNICATE with your photographer. Even if they won't be present at the proposal. That way you aren't worried about constantly texting back and forth the day of.

Rely you're plan of action.. which should include;

  • Time
  • Location (specifics are good, landmarks, etc...)
  • What you are both wearing (that can be relayed the day of!)

As a human I understand things, and plans can change. It's just extremely important you keep a clear line of communication incase something does.

The Day Of!

Shoot out a text to everyone involved! Confirm one last time! Can't ever be too prepared. Rely what you're all wearing, and all the specifics. As a photographer, I think it's important to also either send a picture, or communicate your looks and what you'll be wearing also. That way everyone is in the loop! TAKE A DEEP BREATH! I know the feelings are intense!

Slow down, soak it all in.. and your photographer will do the rest!

Yes To Forever

Yes To Forever